Celebrating Auburn Connections tomorrow at The Red Bike Cafe at Creekside with friends/acquaintances, colorful writers/musicians/artists.  Upbeat/positive/enthusiastic are the hallmarks of the group.


Launched The Authors Program with Edna Sparkes guesting at ACTV today where the set was aglow with Edna art on porcelain and conversation about Ed’s book was the focus and the audience appreciated and the energy was high and filled with enthusiasm.  Stay tuned for more action at ACTV.


Author Alton Pryor talked up his variety of books and the CONNECTIONS group ate it up with a full table of enthusiasts.  You Go Pryor.


She threw caution to the wind and left her CZ to register voters in the deep south and now her book tells her story so kudos to author and Civil Rights activist Sheri  Labedis who joined with CONNECTIONS at LaBou this  Monday and shared her harrowing experiences during times of tumultous unrest.


BULLS EYE at Monday CONNECTIONS where author/big rig driver Mary Ellen Dempsey held the table captive with her experiences about life out on the road driving the big rigs.  Jack Smallwood joined Paula Johnston and others along with Skip Meyer for a community connection and all was well and rather swell.  Stay tuned as we grow and continue to glow.


Looking forward to hosting stalwart big rig driver Mary Ellen Dempsey on Monday at 11am and seems like there are great connections already as Jack and M.E. both hail from WVA and Jack traveled similar highways.  Here’s to those who had the courage and have the courage to take risks and bet on themselves.  Oh yeah.


Flattened somewhat by watery eyes/lack of thrust impacted by allergies and gave Jack chamomile tea relief for stinging eyes and did manage to walk The Hanz for 20 minutes and lazing around but will try for another 20 minutes on this flat day, hoping for thrust Monday when Carol Anita Ryan visits and talks up her book and expect now to see Paula Johnston who can meet Ron Montana at CONNECTIONS.

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